A Better Deal for Queens and the Bronx

It’s always been my belief that Americans do best when their communities are secure, strong, and filled with opportunity. When families feel as if they have the chance to get ahead through hard work and a level playing field. And when the American Dream is available to all Americans regardless of their background or heritage. But for far too many families, that isn’t the case in America today. They feel left behind by the Republicans in government who seem to have abandoned middle-class Americans and working families in favor of corporations and special interests.

There is a better way – a better deal we can offer Americans. Democrats are fighting for true progress for the men and women who built this country and contribute most to our economy and communities: the shift worker, the firefighter, the nurse, the teacher, the entrepreneur, the small business owner, the student, the DREAMer, and all our neighbors.

That is why I’m so proud to share with you my Better Deal for Queens and the Bronx. This is a collection of concrete promises to you. I know there are real and tangible improvements that can be made in our communities to make life better for New Yorkers. My plan will make it easier for students to learn in modern classrooms and for parents to make the best choices for their families about child care and careers. It will help commuters get to work on time and grow in their jobs. My Better Deal for Queens and the Bronx is a promise that I’ll fight for higher wages and a more just criminal justice system. Promises that will make our communities and families stronger and more financially secure.

My grandparents and mother immigrated to the United States in search of a better life. They sought out the promise of a land that offered hope and the guarantee that if you put in a hard day’s work and gave back to your neighborhoods, your family would do well. It’s a dream I know all families in Queens and the Bronx share.

But when workers can’t get ahead because CEOs earn nearly 350 times more than them, that dream becomes too hard to obtain for too many. The American economy is no longer working for everyday Americans. Democrats are fighting for that to change, and I want to make sure that the national priorities I’m pushing in Congress will first and foremost help my neighbors in Queens and the Bronx.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent you in Congress. It is the honor of a lifetime. I know that if we work together and fight for Americans and their families, we can return balance and fairness to our communities and move forward together.

All my best,