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June 18, 2018 In The News
Families belong together. It was our belief of this innate fact that forced us to take to the streets of Washington this week to demand that President Trump’s administration change its inhumane policy of ripping babies from their mothers’ arms when families present themselves for refuge at the border.
June 5, 2018 In The News

Never before have I seen a president throw his weight so forcefully behind policies that tear away at the moral fabric of America.

May 30, 2018 In The News
Three years ago, Kalief Browder’s suicide shook New York. A young 22-year-old, Kalief’s story exposed the painful realities of our broken criminal justice system and its high cost on human life.
September 13, 2017 In The News
Rep. Joseph Crowley, chairman of the Democratic Caucus, launched several task forces designed to come up with actual legislative proposals that will form the backbone of the slowly emerging "Better Deal" agenda of House and Senate Democrats.
September 4, 2017 In The News
In politics, there are not often clear rights and clear wrongs in any given situation. As members of Congress, we know that policy variations and nuances make much of our job an inexact science. But that is not the case when it comes to our nation’s policies toward DREAMers, the young men and women who were brought to the United States as children. Our position toward them should be clear: These children are Americans in their hearts and minds; they should be Americans on paper as well.
August 22, 2017 In The News
Low- and middle-income renters in Queens and cities across the country deserve a tax break, according to Congressman Joe Crowley. During a press conference on Monday, Aug. 21, outside the Woodside Houses, Crowley announced the Rent Relief Act, a bill that would provide two new refundable tax credits to Americans who live in rental housing that are considered “rent-burdened.”
July 13, 2017 In The News
Good policy is born out of good data. This is never truer than when it comes to counting those living in America – a process mandated by our Constitution and performed once a decade by the U.S. Census Bureau. And there are troubling signs that indicate the Census Bureau is not preparing for 2020 adequately. The bureau has proposed delayed openings for local census offices, canceling tests to validate new procedures and cutting public communication and engagement tools. This all stems from anticipated cuts in President Trump’s budget that fail to value the importance of an accurate Census.