Chairman Crowley on Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Testimony Before Senate Intelligence Committee

June 13, 2017
Press Release

(Washington, DC) – House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley (D-NY) issued the following statement after Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on the ongoing investigation into Russia’s influence in the 2016 elections:

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony left far too many questions unanswered. It is abundantly clear there was inappropriate contact between President Trump’s campaign and the Russians that must be investigated and explained in detail to the American people. The testimony also made clear how deeply wrong it was for the attorney general to recommend the firing of FBI Director James Comey – who was involved in the investigation Sessions had recused himself from. Given that President Trump has already attempted to dampen the FBI investigation into Russia and there are reports he is threatening a special prosecutor with dismissal, it is more critical than ever that those investigations, along with congressional probes, continue unfettered and unobstructed.”