Chairman Crowley Statement on CBO Report that 24 Million Would Lose Insurance Coverage Under Republican Health Care Proposal

March 13, 2017
Press Release

(Queens, NY) – House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley (D-NY) released the following statement after the Congressional Budget Office confirmed today that if a health care bill proposed by President Trump and congressional Republicans were to go into effect, 24 million Americans would lose insurance coverage and premiums for older Americans would be “substantially raised.”

“Now that the devastating impact of the health care repeal bill proposed by congressional Republicans and President Trump is known, the legislation should be immediately discarded. The Congressional Budget Office estimate is far worse than expected, with 24 million Americans at risk of losing their insurance coverage over the next decade and many others facing an immediate spike in premium costs – including seniors who will be particularly affected by premium increases. In addition, the CBO score makes clear that working Americans will be forced to subsidize tax cuts for the rich.

“It is abundantly clear why congressional Republicans wanted to rush their health care bill through committee during two middle-of-the-night mark-ups – they know it is a fundamentally bad deal for Americans. This proposal does nothing to help working families or the sick. Instead, President Trump and congressional Republicans focus their energy on giving massive tax breaks to insurance companies and making insurance more expensive for all.

“House Democrats fought to block this dangerous Republican health care bill last week during a series of committee sessions. That fight isn’t over. I’ll continue to push to protect quality health care that remains affordable for seniors and working Americans.”