Chairman Crowley Statement on Flood Insurance Vote in the House

November 14, 2017
Press Release

(Washington, D.C.) –  House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley (D-NY) issued the following statement after House Republicans approved an inadequate flood insurance program that hurts the middle class: 

“House Republicans approved a flood insurance program today that does nothing to address the real issues facing homeowners in flood-prone regions, such as Edgewater in my district. This bill will force middle-class families to pay more to secure their homes, will break promises we’ve made to longtime homeowners whose properties are in flood-prone areas, and completely ignores why Americans are increasingly at risk for floods.

“Advancing a punitive flood insurance program while doing nothing to combat the long-term effects of climate change is not a suitable response for my constituents in Queens and the Bronx, or for Americans across the country. Republicans should have joined Democrats to create a compromise bill that ensures families can afford national flood insurance, while also committing federal resources to limit the degree of damage that floods can cause. We need a serious solution for this very serious problem, and I am disappointed my Republican colleagues are playing politics with people’s lives and livelihoods rather than promoting real solutions.”