Chairman Crowley Statement on Petition to Force House to Hold a Vote on Legislation Requiring Release of President’s Tax Returns

April 5, 2017
Press Release

(Washington, D.C) – House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley issued the following statement after supporting a petition that would force House Republicans to schedule a vote to release President Donald Trump’s long-awaited tax returns.

“We deserve to know who President Trump is truly fighting for – himself or the American people. Without the public release of these tax returns, Americans are left in the dark about the extent of the president’s business ties and financial entanglements.

“House Republicans should shed their partisan agenda to allow a vote on the House floor on releasing President Trump’s full tax returns. If there is nothing there, if President Trump did nothing illegal, then what are House Republicans afraid of?

“Americans deserve a president who fights for them. A president who puts the people of this country above his own interests. Only with the release of President Trump’s tax returns can we be sure the American people are the president’s top priority.”

Members of Congress can force a vote on legislation through a process known as a discharge petition, which requires 218 Members of the House of Representatives to sign on. A recent ABC/Washington Post poll found that close to three-quarters of Americans want President Trump to release his tax returns – a promise he made repeatedly during the 2016 elections.