Chairman Crowley Statement on Special Envoy to the North of Ireland

August 31, 2017
Press Release

(Queens, NY) - House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley (D-NY)issued the following statement after the Trump administration announced plans to eliminate the role of special envoy for the North of Ireland:

"This decision is a major mistake. For decades, successive special envoys for the North of Ireland have helped broker and advance the peace process in the ongoing effort to bring an end to hundreds of years of conflict.

"But the peace process is just that - a process. It's not over, and without strong American involvement it faces challenges.

"Given the changes coming with Britain's planned exit from the European Union, the role of a special envoy is as critical as ever. Brexit raises extremely important questions about the future of the North, including whether it will be, yet again, physically partitioned with borders.

"The Trump administration's decision to eliminate this post shows the president has no regard for what happens in the North or how the people there are treated.

"It is not too late to reverse this decision, and the administration should do so."