Congressman Crowley Visits Haiti

March 26, 2010
Press Release

HAITICongressman Joseph Crowley (D-NY), a member of the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs and Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, issued the following statement upon his departure from Haiti, after spending the day visiting with earthquake survivors, non-governmental relief organizations, and Haitian officials.   

“Seeing firsthand the devastation brought about by the earthquake is both staggering and humbling.  There is no question that the earthquake has seriously hurt what was already the poorest country in our hemisphere, tearing apart tens of thousands of families and taking 230,000 lives.

“Given the enormity of the earthquake’s effects, I am inspired by the relief efforts carried out by a multi-national group of Americans, Brazilians, Colombians, Israelis, Chinese, and others from throughout the world.  Most of all, however, I am impressed by the fortitude and tenacity of the people of Haiti as they struggle to construct a new future.

“It is clear to me from this trip that there is still a great deal of work to be done.  There are immediate needs with regard to shelter and sanitation, and I’m concerned about violence against women.  The State Department leadership, United States Agency for International Development, U.S. Armed Services, and others have worked hard to secure shelter, clear the rubble, and provide life-saving food, water, and medicine to millions of Haitians. 

“Part of the relief effort here can be attributed to the hard work of many doctors, nurses, and other volunteers from throughout the New York City area who have spent their time and money to assist in the recovery efforts.  They are supported by the generosity of churches, community groups, families, and courageous Haitian Americans – all who have played an integral role in saving lives.

“I look forward to working in the Congress to continue to support urgent and necessary Haiti relief efforts.  Debt relief for Haiti and support for on-going emergency aid are both on the Congressional agenda.”

Congressman Crowley is a six-term member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.