Crowley Applauds Final Passage of National Economic Blueprint

April 29, 2009
Press Release

(Washington, D.C.)-Congressman Crowley (D-Queens, the Bronx) applauded final passage of the national economic blueprint.  The national economic blueprint, which passed by a vote of 233 to 193 on President Obama’s 100th day in office, includes an honest accounting of our nation’s fiscal status, critical investments in education and energy independence, funding for our veterans and prioritizes health care reform this year.  The budget conference report, outlined by President Obama and detailed by Congress, has been endorsed by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, and the American Legion.  Congressman Crowley released the following statement in support of the national economic blueprint:

“The national economic blueprint given final approval today is the right plan to put our nation back on track during this time of economic crisis.  In just 100 days, President Obama and the Democratic Congress have taken bold steps to rebuild our economy.  

“During these uncertain times, it is critical our nation refocus efforts on both short-term relief for every American as well as long-term investments in a sound economic future.  This plan cuts taxes for middle-class families, helps make college more affordable for students and their families and prioritizes our nation’s health, safety and well-being with a commitment to reform our health care system.  The Democratic Congress also continues to honor our commitment to our nation’s veterans by fully-funding the benefits they have earned with their service to our country.

“This budget is honest and straight-forward with the American people about our nation’s fiscal status – something we haven’t seen in almost a decade.  In order to put our nation’s long-term fiscal health back on track, we have to deal with the issues we are facing in an open, transparent and responsible way – and this economic blueprint does just that. 

“I applaud President Obama for a successful first 100 days and look forward to working with him for the next 1000+ to complete the great work we have started.”