Crowley Applauds President Obama's Message of Challenge and Optimism in his First Congressional Address

February 24, 2009
Press Release

(Washington, D.C.) —“In his first address to Congress, President Obama delivered a sober and honest assessment of the challenges we will face as a nation in the year ahead.  Even more important, however, President Obama outlined a path towards recovery and called on us – Democrats and Republicans alike – to work together to make the sacrifices necessary to lift the country out of this economic downturn.  

“There are many tough issues ahead, but I applaud President Obama for clearly stating that all of them must be addressed.  He laid out a plan tonight that will bring financial stability and reform to our financial sector.  He started a bipartisan discussion on how to rebalance the federal budget and return our nation to an era of fiscal responsibility.  And, he has made clear it is time to reform our health care system. 

“President Obama is providing the leadership we need on the many challenges facing us, and I look forward to working closely with him in the year ahead to revitalize our nation’s economy and return our nation to an era of fiscal responsibility after eight long years without.”