Crowley Unveils New Interactive Resource on Health Care Reform for 7th Congressional District

August 3, 2009
Press Release

Queens, N.Y.Today, Congressman Joseph Crowley (D-Queens, the Bronx) unveiled a new interactive website called “Share Your Thoughts on Health Reform.”  The site is a part of Congressman Crowley’s official website at and will give residents in the 7th Congressional District the opportunity to add their voice to the national debate on health care reform.  Congressman Crowley’s interactive site will allow his constituents to find information on the health care reform legislation being drafted by Congress, share their personal stories, and directly contribute their thoughts and ideas on how best to improve our nation’s health care system.
“Health care reform is a top priority for the majority of New Yorkers and I want my constituents to have the opportunity to share their experiences, find answers to their questions and offer their ideas on how best to improve our health care system,” said Congressman Crowley.  “The status quo is no longer acceptable because the skyrocketing cost of health coverage is endangering the budgets of individuals and businesses alike.  President Obama and Congress have been working hard to develop a health reform plan that is fully paid-for, will sustain costs for consumers, expand coverage, and ensure people have their choice of doctors.  As this debate unfolds, I want to make sure I hear from all my constituents across Queens and the Bronx and this website is one way for them to share their thoughts and ideas with me.”
The “Share Your Thoughts on Health Reform” website at allows constituents to access information on health care reform any time and empowers them to share their thoughts with Congressman Crowley through a variety of easy-to-use. On the site, individuals can:

  • take a quick 2 minute survey on health care reform;
  • listen to a rebroadcast of a live telephone town hall meeting Congressman Crowley hosted on health care;
  • share their personal health care stories;
  • send Congressman Crowley their thoughts, ideas and suggestions directly;
  • look up current health care statistics and facts; and
  • study current legislation being considered by Congress, including its affect on New York.

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