Crowley Visits with Bronx Seniors at RAIN Middletown Senior Center

March 29, 2010
Press Release

Bronx, N.Y. – Today, Congressman Joseph Crowley (D-Queens, the Bronx) visited with seniors at the Middletown Senior Center in the Bronx.  He talked about his work in Congress on behalf of seniors and outlined how the recently enacted health insurance reform will strengthen seniors’ Medicare coverage, reduce the cost of their prescription drugs and improve their access to preventive care.

“Medicare is one of the most effective Federal programs ever created – providing millions of seniors with vital medical care and peace-of-mind throughout their golden years,” said Congressman Joseph Crowley.  “President Obama and the Democrats know how important Medicare is to America’s seniors.  That is why the health insurance reform measure strengthens seniors’ Medicare coverage, reduces their cost of prescription drugs and improves their access to preventive care.”

There are 160,000 Medicare beneficiaries who live in New York’s 7th Congressional District (Queens, the Bronx).  The health insurance reform measure enacted into law by President Obama preserves the promise of Medicare for seniors across New York and the nation. Starting in 2011, all deductibles, copayments, and other cost-sharing for preventive care will be eliminated, and every senior will have access to a free annual wellness check-up. (Right now, seniors must pay 20 percent of the cost of most preventive services and office visits.) 

Also, the gap in prescription drug coverage in the Part D program will be cut immediately by $250 and will be phased out completely by 2020, ultimately saving a typical senior $3,000 per year.  The life of the Medicare program will be extended by 9 years (until 2026) so Medicare will be there for the seniors of tomorrow.

“Seniors will no longer have to pay out of their own pockets for preventive care visits such as cancer screenings, immunizations and treatment for hypertension.  This is smart medicine.  New York’s seniors will not only save money, but stay healthier and stronger,” said Congressman Crowley.

Congressman Crowley is a 6-term member of the U.S. House of Representatives who sits on the exclusive Committee on Ways and Means, which has jurisdiction over Medicare and Social Security.