NewDems Announce New Leadership Slate

November 18, 2008
Press Release

Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher (CA-10) was elected to retain her position as Chair of the group for an additional term. Rounding out the leadership team are the NewDem Whip, Rep. Joe Crowley (NY-07), PAC Chair, Rep. Adam Smith (WA-09), and Vice-Chairs Ron Kind (WI-03), Melissa Bean (IL-08), and Allyson Schwartz (PA-13).

The Coalition is powerfully positioned for the 111th Congress, with 15 of the 20 seats Democrats picked up in the election coming from candidates backed by the group. In addition, one of the Members exiting the Coalition is Rahm Emanuel, who will serve as President-elect Obama’s Chief of Staff.

The leadership team said the NewDems will play a vital role in helping the Obama administration pass a pro-growth Democratic agenda that creates innovative, 21st-century solutions to our economic challenges, improves America’s competitiveness in a global marketplace, and leads the nation toward energy independence.

“The New Democrat Coalition has selected a leadership slate to do what the American people sent us here to do, solve problems,” said Chair Rep. Ellen Tauscher. “The NewDems will play a critical role in the success of the 111th Congress by continuing the Coalition’s role in rebuilding our economy and creating high paying jobs for American workers. NewDems will be at the center of bold efforts, working hand in hand with the Obama administration and House Leadership, to make the United States the leader in green technology jobs, reestablish lines of credit for millions of Americans and businesses, make quality healthcare affordable, and establish our energy independence through innovation.

“NewDems will be critical voices for our nation during one of the most challenging economic times in our nation’s history,” said NewDem Whip Rep. Joseph Crowley. “With our expanded leadership team, long-standing Members, and 15 new Members, we are prepared and ready to help President-elect Obama and Speaker Pelosi put our nation back on track.”

“The New Democrat Coalition is well positioned to provide the leadership and fresh set of ideas necessary to address the significant problems our country faces’” said Rep. Adam Smith. “I look forward to working with President Barack Obama, House leadership and my fellow members of the New Democrat Coalition to build on the momentum generated in the 110th Congress to get our economy back on track, stimulate job growth and move our country toward energy independence.”

“I am proud to continue to serve as a vice-chair of a coalition that has always been focused on bipartisanship and commonsense solutions, two things we certainly need more of in Washington right now,” said NewDem Vice-Chair Rep. Ron Kind. “As America faces some of its toughest challenges to date, we look forward to leading reform efforts that will renew our economy, breed innovation in everything from technology to education, and move us toward energy independence.”

“I’m honored to step up in this new role to further promote the New Dems pro-growth priorities,” Rep. Bean said. “The New Dem Coalition is working hard on stimulative, results-oriented initiatives to address the unprecedented economic challenges facing our nation, and I’m glad to do my part.”

“Healthcare, healthcare, healthcare – it is the common denominator of all the economic and social issues facing our nation. I am a firm believer that the New Dems will champion the necessary reform of our healthcare system in the coming Congress, and I look forward to leading that effort. Families, businesses and government can no longer sustain out-of-control costs. A first step will be to pass a comprehensive children’s health plan to ensure working families can afford healthcare for their children. We must then work with the new Administration to provide all Americans with market-based quality, affordable healthcare,” said Rep. Schwartz.

Members of the Coalition voted unanimously to approve the new slate. Elections took place at the Coalition’s organizational retreat on Tuesday in the Capitol, during which the NewDems also inducted 15 newly elected Members. The new Members bring the group’s total to 71 Members.

The New Democrat Coalition, always leaders on the economy and innovation, is committed to enacting policies that maintain U.S. competitiveness, meet the challenges posed by globalization in the 21st Century and strengthen our national security. The Coalition currently operates three task forces dealing with Financial Services, Health Care and Energy issues. The NewDems are dedicated to providing the leadership necessary to implement policies that will ensure that America rebuilds its prosperity and global leadership.


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