President Trump’s Decision to Ban Transgender Individuals from Serving in United States Military

July 26, 2017
Press Release

(Washington, D.C.) – House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley (D-NY) issued the following statement after President Donald Trump said Wednesday that his administration will institute a ban on transgender individuals from serving in the military “in any capacity”:

“This is an extremely offensive decision by the Trump administration. Capable, motivated, and talented Americans who want to serve their country should be welcomed into our military as patriots – not shunned because of who they are. President Trump and his administration should be ashamed. This decision is even more disgusting given that the Trump administration has indicated this ban was put in place for purely political reasons. Our military is made stronger when adept men and women, including the courageous transgender individuals who want to serve, are able to contribute to our national security and safety.

“This is a sad day, but par for the course from an administration focused on advancing divisive and hateful politics rather than focusing on issues that truly benefit all Americans. I will continue to do everything within my power to ensure that any brave individual who wants to serve their country has the opportunity to do so free from the threat of discrimination and hate.”