Reps. Crowley, Serrano Applaud President Obama’s Directive to Promote Diversity in National Security Agencies

October 7, 2016
Press Release

Representatives Crowley and Serrano Included Provision in Intelligence Authorization Bill Approved in December to Increase Funding for National Security Training Grants for Hispanic Serving Institutions

(Queens, NY) – With news that President Obama has directed national security agencies to promote diversity in their ranks in a Presidential Memorandum released this week, Representatives Crowley and Serrano applauded the directive as an important step forward to increase the number of Hispanics and other minorities in our nation’s national security ranks.

Congressmen Crowley and Serrano included an amendment to the House Intelligence Authorization Bill providing national security training grants to Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) to prepare students for careers in national security, and have highlighted the need to train minority students and increase their employment opportunities in national security agencies.

“People with different backgrounds bring different perspectives and skills to the table. Yet the number of Hispanics and other minorities at the highest ranking diplomatic, military, and intelligence positions remains low. As global challenges only get more complex, our nation’s national security agencies must cultivate and draw from the diverse pool of candidates ready to serve. We applaud President Obama for taking this important step and for recognizing that increased diversity in our nation’s security agencies will only make America stronger and safer,” said Representatives Crowley and Serrano.